Welcome to the Writer's Place: A Warning Shot

I'm not exactly easy to endure.

I have been called a challenge more than twice.

You'll likely lose your mind, of that I'm sure.

Sometimes I'm cool, sometimes I'm not so nice.

The slightest thing can set me on a spree -

at funerals I have been known to smile.

I'm not so sure what you still see in me?

I hope you'll choose to stick around awhile.

I lose my temper quickly, you must know.

I'm paranoid and in the head a lot.

I've gotten used to lovers letting go -

I'm hated well for everything I'm not.

I'm not exactly easy to achieve.

You may see all you are, and then, just leave.

Bryon D. Howell (ctsfinestpoet@yahoo.com)

7th March, 2007

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