Welcome to the Writer's Place: The Purposes of Your Heart

I'd like to talk about your loving heart,

and all the precious things which it has done.

It's loved me even when we're far apart-

and when it rains, it brings to me the sun.

It holds me fast through every lonely night

and rocks me gently lulling me to sleep.

When all goes wrong it makes things seem all right -

it dries my tears when I just sit and weep.

Your heart has helped me overcome the pain

of living in an old and useless state.

When I fall down, it helps me stand again -

and saves my life before it's way too late.

I'd like to talk about your heart, it's true -

in short, there's nothing which it cannot do

Bryon D. Howell (ctsfinestpoet@yahoo.com)

7th March, 2007

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