Welcome to the Writer's Place: To the Unloved of the World

So many need love to keep them afloat;

without it they sink, their battleship’s hit;

I have just two cents, a two-line footnote...

to finish this sonnet, in just a bit.

Love is not something that’s owed to someone;

so what you work hard? That’s why you are here!

You have it within you to shine like the sun...

yes, whether or not you’ve somebody near.

Get up in the morning and try not to grieve;

so no one is there to hold your old hand?

Give life what you have, the love you receive...

will come from within, and trust me, you’ll stand.

If nobody told you they love you today,

Get over it, silly, and be on your way!

Bryon D. Howell (ctpoet4muse@aol.com)

25th January, 2005

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