Welcome to the Writer's Place: Waste of a Good Wish

I sit here waiting for the stars to fall,

the sky is clear and I am wide awake;

I look up to the moon amidst them all...

and ponder all the wishes I could make.

The only one which stands out from the rest...

can only be the one for you and me;

we tried so hard, we always did our best...

Now I will wish for what will never be.

The moment has arrived, the show's begun.

So many stars illuminate the sky;

I concentrate and focus on just one...

I hope and pray you’ll give us one more try.

You’re still not here, I am alone in bed...

I should have wished for peace of mind instead.

Bryon D. Howell (ctpoet4muse@aol.com)

25th January, 2005

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