Welcome to the Writer's Place: The Forgotten Dream

We have forgotten what it means to dream.

We close our eyes and then we're in the dark.

Somewhere along the line, we changed the scheme

and when it comes to hope, we miss the mark.

We can't recall just how we got so low.

Our worlds are cold and no one seems to stay.

In time, we make up reasons to let go.

Why not? We don't need friendship anyway.

We have forgotten what it's like to care.

We always think we know just what we need.

We still have hearts and so much we can share -

it's easier to run. It is, indeed.

Remember, broken dreams and hopes can mend

with opened eyes, and with the help of friends.

Bryon D. Howell (ctsfinestpoet@yahoo.com)

7th March, 2007

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