Welcome to the Writer's Place: The impassive orb

In such a place Full of inhabitants around,

Sometimes happy and sometimes not, has its own impact on the world,

For long this being has ruled over the orb, which gave it time to survive and this being has now become a complete governing inhabitant of this magnificent orb,

This being has made this orb a hell to live in for many, and for a few it has made it like paradise, and for a few a familiar home to live on,

All this has happened because of the time that the orb gave this being to reside and discover life on this orb,

And if this being would learn to live and to become one with this orb, this world would have been the same for all,

This orb of ours has many tales to tell about the being but after years of exploit this magnificent orb of ours become silent and does not speak as it ones used to,

This silence has made the earth impassive to many,

Now this silence must be broken,

And we must learn to make this orb again into an astonishing place to reside.

P. Ashish Jain (SO_ODD15@YAHOO.CA)

Ashish Jain @ Tiloc Chand
Sent on 20th June, 2005

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