Welcome to the Writer's Place: The pitiable terrain, which did not get younger

It was a bright morning.
The gigantic fiery orb was exposed from its sleep.
The flora, the fauna, the human, and all came out from their long siesta;
When all of these woke up they all experienced something strange.
The whole visage of the terrain had tainted, to their bewilderment:
Subsequently on that beautiful occasion man distorted the soil,
From its inimitable face, just for the joy of his compassion;
Now the unfortunate old soil suffered, but just for a small era or two,

As it was nature with what man was playing with.
As all of us know if you partake in boosting the anger of a mother,
she would calm down in a few minutes;
but if you partake in boosting the anger of the soil,
it would not calm down at all,
but it would cause the destruction of the man who played with it and caused it to anger;
and then the terrain itself felt blameworthy for what it had done,
for it had itself shattered its gorgeousness,
that was the things which lived on it,
which were the flora, the fauna, the human which lived on it,
this was why the earth did not get younger.

P. Ashish Jain (SO_ODD15@YAHOO.CA)

Ashish Jain @ Tiloc Chand
bishop cotton boys school

January, 2005

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