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Only one person at school would like you to do things the way you like.

But there are many of them who would feel jealous of you at once for they would have no good relation with this friend at school.

This friend of mine is a very nice friend who would like me to do things in which I am the best.

This friend of mine would help me in all the things I would do whether any one else helps me or not. If I wanted some help my friend would always be there for me.

My friend always would like me to do things in which I am the best.

That friend is so loving and affectionate and that type of love, which I would only receive at home but now, I can also receive it at school.

I would wish that this friend of mine would always guide me through the ups and downs on one’s life.

This friend is like a mother who would defend its child.

That friend to me is a gift bestowed upon me by god.

This friend is like the place of knowledge, which is distributed to everyone.

And could you, now guess who this friend of mine is?

P. Ashish Jain (SO_ODD15@YAHOO.CA)

Ashish Jain @ Tiloc Chand
Sent on 20th June, 2005

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