Welcome to the Writer's Place: The youngsters “saadak” misfortune

It was a pleasant summer afternoon sunshine but was dreary,

All the inhabitants of that locality were tired after a tiring day,

All of us their got into a undersized “saadak” to go to our desired path,

It was like so so scorching hot that we would all jump into a swimming pool,

if we were given a chance at that occasion , as we were stuck in a traffic jam;

We all were at a place that was worse than hell, at that time due to the ambiance,

In all that confusion their was a small boy who was inside a huge animal sort of a thing,

that was like a huge elephant which required a huge space to move around,

It was like a matriarch of an elephant herd, which would not budge aside to allow the younger members of its herd to move ahead of it,

The traffic was a mess; at once it would seem to me that I was in a stampede of wild animals waiting to be crushed,

I pity the unfortunate lad who was caught in this traffic jam!

But we all have to witness what our fate has store for us,

And it was my misfortune that I was the boy caught in that stampede.

P. Ashish Jain (SO_ODD15@YAHOO.CA)

Ashish Jain @ Tiloc Chand
Sent on 20th June, 2005

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