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If I could fly
I'd be a part of your sky
Shine with glimmer in your eye
Then you and I would never cry.

If I could feel your face
At every stop I take in this race
I could go on to win,
Forever and always succeeding

If I could be the moonlight
On this night which is so bright,
I would land on your closed eye
And live your deepest dreams in my mind.

If I could be a part of your world
there would be no need for words and dreams,

If I could be a part of your world,
in you I could find a everlasting resting place,
in you I could never die.

This world had no need for my life, for my wisdom
but in your world I can see
I have everything we need.

Bryony Oldfield (bryonyoldfield@yahoo.com)

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