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A chillness gently strokes my cheek
And this one tear freezes in time
I stare at the lost souls below
But the river of their lies clouds my sight.
I search desperately for faces I know
But faces I know left long ago,
The winds call on me
With the words from every grave,
From all men fallen in battle
And every person who was lost in anyway,
My eyes turn to heavens
Yet, somehow my faith has gone,
The sky is dark,
The clouds are black.

Sitting in despair, then what do I see?
Between the black clouds a star shines...
With a pale sharp light, it cuts my tear
The tear that was frozen in time.

And each time my eyes stare upon the sky
Each and everyone of those times I see
Black clouds cover the sky,
They were taken and put there straight from you wicked one
The place in which everything dies,

The terrible sighs from my mouths
I bow my head as it happens.
A tear from me freezes.
And cuts my cheek.
I bleed.
I turn from the heavens of yours,
I fall...
As I think this is it, I close my eyes,
I come nearer to the floor,
Ready to hit the concrete hard,
But then you swift me up and take me aside,
"Child of so little faith,
Why do you let yourself cry?
Why do you let yourself fall?
I have given you this gift of everlasting life,
And yet you can not follow my simple rules?"
I finally understand,
I know what I have done.
I saw the black clouds, I was so sure they were real,
But my mind was tricking me, deceiving me, I know you
were here all along.
I thought if I fell, if I finally let go,
I could live amongst the free folk,
The ones who live below.
Little did I know, of the privilege I had,
So now I am no longer sad,
I understand my reason in life,
I understand where I went wrong,
I understand you are the one who loves me each night,
I understand and I know now where I defiantly belong.

Bryony Oldfield (bryonyoldfield@yahoo.com)

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