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Blood drips from her luscious lips.
That was where her beloved hit,

Those scars and bruises,
And yet no one knows,
His violent moods,
And their family feuds.
They think he's nice,
That he protects his wife.
But he'll pay the price,
For taking a life.

An accident occurred,
When his hand slipped;
'I didn't mean to,
I just flipped'.
In tears he begged for mercy,
His beautiful lover is gone.
But in his mind determined,
That he did nothing wrong.

The stupid woman got what she deserved,
She was probably sleeping with other men.
That's how he reasoned to his children,
But neither one could stand it,
They'd never see her again.

Years have gone, but her memory is with them.

Tired of their fathers beatings,
They ran and ran and ran.
They hoped never to meet him,
But that's how it really began,

One after another,
They felt his anger,
A knife in the back,
'Take that and that.'

As each brother fell slowly away,
"It's weird, it's peaceful,"
They'd say,
Each one slipped into death,
To be with their mother once again,
To feel and remember her sweet warm breath.

In heaven they sing, as their wonderful new life
Down on the earth they watch him.
With his blood stained hands,
His obnoxious grin.
4 murders, and he got away,
With no life sentence,
Just living day by day.
No guilt in his heart, mind or body,
No sorrow or tears,
Just happy they'd gone,
The ones who'd 'wasted' his years.

In hell he'll burn,
But still his family cry,
Because they loved him,

Sometimes he'd tried.

Sometimes he'd try to make it right,
In the end he both won and lost his fight.

Bryony Oldfield (bryonyoldfield@yahoo.com)

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