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Phrase: Stab someone in the back

Meaning: To betray him or her, to play a very dirty trick on him or her.

You have stabbed me in the back by going to bed with my boyfriend. A friend does not do things of that sort.
I did not expect you to stab me in the back. You know how important to me is to keep this secret, and you have let the cat out of the bag.

Date: 24-02-2018

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Phrase: A snake (in the grass)

Meaning: If someone is a snake in the grass, he or she is not your friend, but it behaves in a friendly manner, and when you least expect it, he or she betrays you.

Google tries to offer good services to you, but it is a snake in the grass, ready to bite you, it is a big brother. Don't trust it. Stay away from it.
I thought he was my friend, but when he betrayed me, I realised that he was a snake.
I would like to know who is the snake in the grass who has sent those photos to the press. They were meant to be private.

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Phrase: Wash your dirty linen in public

Meaning: To say things in public that ought to be kept private.

Please stop talking about our problems in front of everybody. I do not want to wash our dirty linen in public.

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