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Phrase: Line your own pockets

Meaning: To enrich yourself by not playing fair.

Corrupt politicians line their own pockets at the people's expense, that is, dishonestly.

Date: 23-11-2017

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Phrase: Rob Peter to pay Paul

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Phrase: Take somebody for a ride

Meaning: Examples:
Would you like me to take you for a ride on my new motorbike? (ie, I can take you anywhere on my new motorbike.)
I met two beautiful ladies at the park round the corner yesterday. They were very charming and hot stuff. I found them irresistible. However, they were taking me for a ride (ie, they wanted to deceive me). The only thing they wanted was my money.
-I bought this house for a million pounds last week.
-You have been taken for a ride (ie, you have been swindled). The foundations are in a bad state of repair. You should have called me before buying it.

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