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You like writing, and would like other people to read your poems, shorts stories, articles... Then you have come to the right place. We can publish your pieces of writing here, and our visitors will be able to read them, rate them, post comments, or even write to you. Perhaps someone looking for talented writers may read them, and contact you, which is why your email address must be up to date, and we do not accept Hotmail accounts.

The first step to have your pieces of writing published here is to sign up for a free account, or to log in if you already have one. Please note that we will have to validate them before they are made available to our readers, which means that if we do not like them, they will be rejected.

1. Do you reject many pieces of writing?
No, we do not. However, we will not accept pieces of writing that go against our publishing line or that belong to sectors/subjects capable of ruining other people's lives. In other words, we do not want the following:
  • Politicians, bankers, money-lenders...: They created the financial crisis that started in 2007. Of course there are good politicians, but those ones do not usually come to power, and it will be very difficult to discern between good ones and bad ones.
  • Governmental institutions/ministries: Justice (judges, lawyers...), Defence (police/armed forces...) or the Treasury.
  • Religious institutions.
  • Imperialism, colonialism, fascism, xenophoby, violence, or any sort of intolerance, oppression or repression.
  • Please note that the words Spanish and Spain are taboo here, so please avoid them. You can use Castilian and Castile/the Iberian peninsula respectively, or things such as Madrid, Andalusia.

2. Why do you not accept Hotmail accounts?
They have blocked/blacklisted our servers, which means that we cannot send email to hotmail accounts. We are not spammers, but their algorithms think otherwise. There is no way to contact them. This is completely unacceptable.

3. Is this service free?
It is for writers, but not for companies. Click here for futher information.

4. Can I add a link to my site below my pieces of writing?
Yes, you can. You may link to your website or weblog. Please notice that farms of links are not allowed, and that companies have to pay to have their articles published here. Please note that instead of placing a link to your website in every piece of writing, you should put it in the field intended for the author's autobiography, which will allow you to edit it whenever you wish.

5. I do not know anything about HTML.
You do not need any HTML knowledge to submit a piece of writing. There is a text editor. It is very easy to use. Nevertheless, if you need help, you only have to write to us.

6. Do you have more pieces of writing?
Yes, you can visit the following old sections: The Writer's Place and Interesting Articles. If you have something published there and would like us to move it to this section, please write to us. Please remember that Hotmail accounts will receive no reply.

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