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The fall season is like a patchwork design of spicy, splashy colors
Red, orange, and mahogany brown inter-facings of brilliance
Under a crisp, clear, and cold sky with its subtle hints of sunlight
Beckoning to warm the cold, leafy ground around leafless trees

Trees towering like slender humans with many fingers and arms
Stretching towards a cloudless sky soon to make way for winter
The winter season becomes a canopy of frozen ice and snowy hills
Covering the rough complexion of a weary ground

The scenery resembles an old man with pale, aging skin
His long, white hair hangs on barren trees and bushes
Begging for the tender touch of springtime with its warmth
And laughing children unaware of the drama still ride on their new sleds

The springtime makes a stunning appearance with majestic colors
Golden yellows, ruby reds, deep blues, and fragrant pinks
Dogwood trees proudly boast of their majestic beauty
Pink and white blossoms amidst joggers and bikers

Blue and green, mellow ponds home to wild geese and frogs
Multi-colored turtles with long necks of yellow and green stripes
Birds chirping for their mother's gift of slippery, slimy worms
Every bird's delight and every child's source of wonder

Springtime stays fow awhile like a cabaret of dancers in colorful costumes
They soon exit behind the fading pageantry of springtime beauty
Making way for another change and another season
Summer season creeps in like a beckoning guest

The season promises to delight children with its fun
A canopy of bright, sunny skies invites mountain streams
Surrounding thick, shady forests of deep greens and browns
Home to black bears and red foxes in their own paradise

Streams of crystal, clear water sparkled by rays of golden sunlight
A place for black catfish the color of motor oil with silver bellies
Croaking frogs with bulging eyes and green grasshoppers
Skipping across lily-pads laced with white blooms

Like an ageless array of youthfulness in a summer wonderland
The young ones raise their tents to the smells of campfires
Roasting marshmallows in the fire and singing campfire songs
With hesitation summer leaves the stage to make way for fall once again

Mariam Greenwood - copyright 2000 (mgreen@nova.edu)

Sent to Polseguera on 16th December, 2007

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