Welcome to the Writer's Place: Blue Boy and the Snake

Gun metal gray with bright, green eyes
Sheen on his coat in the yellow moonlight
He jumps into a box full of ebony-colored coal
And catches a bullsnake as if it was gold

The desert moon with its charms
Watches the master as he catches his prey
As he jumps into my uncle's sleepy arms
And plays with his snake after a summer day

The bullsnake is mad and he's crazed
And my cat is cunning and brave
They fight and they hiss and they cry
As my uncle wakes up with a sigh

My uncle's eyes are filled with fear
As he kicks off the cat and the snake
And his face is reddened with tears
As we help him...me, my grandpa, and Jake

We come to his rescue on that starry night
As the critters jump onto the floor
Still entangled in a quarrelsome fight
Jake pulls the cat out the door

My grandpa covers the snake with his quilt
He wraps him in layers and says, "What a chore!"
Blue Boy shows no sign of guilt
As grandpa throws the snake out the door

I'll never forget what took place
On that windless, hot summer night
When I stood face to face
With a snake and a cat in a fight

Mariam Greenwood - copyright 2001 (mgreen@nova.edu)

Sent to Polseguera on 16th December, 2007

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