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Phrase: ROM

Meaning: It stands for read-only memory. It is pronounced /rɒm/.

This type of memory cannot usually be modified, and it is persistent.


I need to buy a CD ROM disc / disk (American English) to back up my data.

A DVD (= digital versatile disc / digital video disc) ROM disc can store more information than a CD (= compact disc) ROM disc.

I like this DVD ROM drive. It works like a charm.

As you will probably have noticed in the examples above, "CD ROM disc" is pleonastic, because the word "disc / disk" appears twice. The same applies to "DVD ROM disc". However, people say it so as to differentiate "disc" from "drive". Nevertheless, you can also say the following:

I want to buy a CD / DVD to back up my data.

I like your CD / DVD player.

I have written a new song. If you would like to hear it, play this CD / DVD.

Date: 22-07-2021

Subject: Abbreviations

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