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Phrase: Be better off

Meaning: That would be/is beneficial to you. That would be a wise thing to do. You had better do something.

You would be better off without their help. It is not sincere. (ie, I would not accept their help if I were you.)

You would be better off with a bigger house because this one is too small for ten people. (ie, I recommend your living in a bigger house.)

He would be better off going abroad. It is very dangerous for him to stay here. (ie, He ought to go abroad.)

-Are we better off now than twenty years ago? (= Do we live better now than twenty years ago?)
-I'm afraid not. We have fewer rights, less privacy and less money.

-Is the United States of America better off with Trump than (with) Clinton?
-I find them both right-wing, and I am left-wing. I do not like either of them.

I think you are better off single than married.

Date: 22-06-2018

Subject: Wisdom

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