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Her sleep sculpts the water, her hands
shape the blue-gold ripples of sunshine
floating through her eyes.

The soft sand of the river bed.
Pink stones and pebbles
stain the creamy smoothness
of the sandy bottom
under the tremulous current.

Her eyes closed, her body
open to the soft sleepy caress
of naked water.

Trees crouch on the banks.
Their roots, their fingers
go inside the river,
and arouse its shimmering haze
deep within her blue thoughts.
She sighs, and shifts
as fingers whisper
within the water.
The roots touch and caress
and probe naked water.

The river swims.
She lies still; she is asleep.
River, dreaming river.

She bathes in handfuls
of green sunshine
and blue water.
Leaves bend down
like thoughts,
brush their lips on the surface.

Sunshine stains her sleep,
an ache colours her white body.
The river bathes itself
in the morning sun.

The swimming dreamer.
The water sculpts her sleep,
its hands shape her body
to its own dreams.

Roots break through
the banks
and the shallows
of her sleep.
The curious fingers
of the trees curl around the dreams
the river dreams.

Some soft as sand,
some are smooth pebbles,
some jagged rocks
shiny with grained quartz.

She is asleep.
Her body flows gently,
water-kissed and sun-dappled,
with the river.

Dreaming, she swims with the river
and the river dreams with her.

Srinjay Chakravarti (srinjchak@hotmail.com)

Poem copyright ( c ) 2003 Srinjay Chakravarti

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