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Buy clicks at affordable prices

Buying clicks is an interesting option because you only pay for the visitors that you receive from our websites. If someone clicks on the same link several times in the same month, the program will only count the first time, that is to say, the clicks are unique per month.

Please note that the links are indirect.

You will have online statistics so that you can see the clicks used and left. Furthermore, we will write to you before your clicks expire.

In addition, we will promote your indirect link outside this directory in English, Castilian and/or Catalan. We have six sites. We may use site-wide links, and/or our rotating ads, that is, we will do our best to send visitors to your site. The link to your site will be similar to the following one: http://www.polseguera.com/link_directory/gotosite.php?lid=208. There will always be only one indirect link pointing to your site, even though it may be placed on a lot of pages.

We list the prices below:
300 clicks -- 25 euros
1,000 clicks -- 80 euros
5,000 clicks -- 300 euros
10,000 clicks -- 500 euros
25,000 clicks -- 1000 euros

The payment will be made via Paypal or wire transfer.

Write to us if you are interested in this option. Thank you.

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