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If you would like to have your own web log at Polseguera.com, you only need to write to info@polseguera.com. Please note that we will offer a better weblog service in the future.

Non-commercial weblogs will have pay 10 euros a year via Paypal, and commercial ones, 25 euros. You will be allowed to include links to other pages. However, farms of links are not welcome. If you plan to use the weblog to place three-way link exchanges, your request will be declined.

You will be permitted to put links to other sites if they are related, that is, to offer the reader further information. If you wish to exchange links with other sites, you can as long as the links back point to you blog. You must agree to this to use this service.

Adult blogs (that is, sex shops, casinos, and so on) will be considered commercial, which means that they will have to pay 25 euros a year.

Political parties, governmental institutions, weblogs related to money and law, religion, imperialism, colonialism, fascism, xenophoby, violence (either legal or illegal), or any sort of intolerance, oppression and repression will be rejected.

Please notice that your weblog will have the look and feel of Polseguera.com, and will be promoted from Polseguera, which means more visits to your web log. This is the reason why we will not accept blogs that go against our publishing line or that lack interest (farms of links...).

Those interested should write to info@polseguera.com and include the following information:
– Your name
– The user's name
– The password for your blog
– The name of the weblog
– The title or subject of the weblog
– The description of the weblog
– The keywords of the weblog
– The amount of entries per page you want
– The order of the entries, that is, the newest ones should go first or last
– The entries can remain for ever or can be deleted after a period of time. Please choose one option
– Several users can share the same blog, but with different users' names and passwords. If you want this option, please let us know too

Please note that when you post an entry, you can show or hide your email address and name by leaving those fields blank, or even put different ones. You can upload one image per post. You can employ html tags too. You can also edit and removed your entries whenever you like.

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