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Alternatives to Google

If you are one of those that strongly dislike Google, you have come to the right place. If not, you must be aware that it is a big brother, a web attacker, and famous for tracking its users.

Well, as a matter of fact, it is very difficult to escape (from) its clutches. It is the most influential tyrant on the Internet: either you do what it says, or it panalises your website. It is so powerful that webmasters and companies fear it, and  blindly follow its demands, which is most unfair. If a company does not obey Google, it has little chance of being succesful.




Secure connections (https) - What lies behind them?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. There is a newer version of SSL called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Both options refer to cryptographic protocols. When these protocols are used, the browser displays a padlock in the address bar.

Google is probably the most powerful company on the Internet. It is also a big brother, a web attacker, and famous for tracking its users. Google has been trying to force webmasters to use SSL connections over the last few years. Most websites and people use its services, which means that many of the advantages of an SSL connection vanish because it will track you in the background. I avoid it like the plague.




Brief introduction

I am sick and tired of being manipulated by politicians, and powerful people. We are being indoctrinated constantly.

They use the mass media to control us. As technology advances, things are worsening, and it becomes harder to escape from their clutches. Surveillance is getting more and more sophisticated. We are being watched. They know practically everything about us, and information is power, and can even be used against us.

I do not like Europe, the United States of America or NATO. Our rights and liberties are being drastically reduced as time goes by, but we pay more and more taxes, in exchange for nothing. They say that taxes go to improving public health and education, but nothing could be further from the truth. They spend that money on armament, on favouring enterprises that will benefit them through revolving doors later, and so forth.




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