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Please note that the count of votes and visits started on 1-1-2015 (day-month-year), and that it is updated once a day only. The total number of active resources in English is 14.

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1 Foreign Policy - II
Site about the history of the foreign policy during XX Century. Very much interesting photos!
Votes 18
Visits 42
2 Free Virtual Postcards
Free virtual postcards with several options: add music, poems...
Votes 16
Visits 24
3 Contemporary European Archivist
Site about the history of the Special Operations in Europe during the Second World War 1939-1945. Very much photos and variouse articles!
Votes 12
Visits 54
4 European Scientist and Journalist
150 scientific and journalist articles about the world military history
Votes 12
Visits 35
5 English Vocabulary for Beginners
English vocabulary for beginners translated into Catalan and Castilian
Votes 10
Visits 25
6 Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
CIRON is one of leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Formulations since 1966 with multi-dimensional business activities.
Votes 9
Visits 30
7 Fashion Jewelry For Everyone
Fashionable Handcrafted Custom Jewelry / Non - Handcrafted Custom Jewelry Necklace Set, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Hip Hop, Hair Accessories, Brooches made of Swarovski Crystals, Genuine Pearls
Votes 9
Visits 26
8 Contemporary military historian
Site about the history of the Second World War. Very much photos!
Votes 8
Visits 40
9 yagmurtanesi.net
sohbet siteleri
Votes 6
Visits 57
10 dostsohetcom
Votes 6
Visits 48
11 sex sohbet
am sohbet, cinsel sohbet
Votes 4
Visits 31
12 Symbian Park
Best place for a mobile user. Even you can download at zero balance. Enjoy our live radio,tv,logo maker,live sports and many more. We will guide u how to earn money from internet.
Votes 2
Visits 22
13 Forex trading
Find information about Forex and free software to download
Votes 2
Visits 20
14 bekir63
aşk sohbet
Votes 1
Visits 34

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