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Phrase: Brexit

Meaning: It stands for Britain's exit or British exit.

Brexit rocks. Europe sucks. The kingdom of Castile and the European Union are an insult to my intelligence because they mean everything for the people, but without the people (= the motto of Enlightened Despotism).

Long live Brexit, and Catexit (= Catalonia's exit)! Catalonia (= Barcelona, Valencia, Majorca, and so on) is an oppressed country. I envy Brexiters / Brexiteers because they have left the European Union, which is ruled by neoliberals and colonialist politicians. I am left-wing, and think that colonialism and savage capitalism should be stopped. After Brexit, there is hope.

Brexit will make Britain great again. I am sure about it.

Sent by Miquel Molina

Date: 02-02-2020

Subject: Abbreviations

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