Author: Gary Beck



Gary Beck/Unveilings


Political Sketch

Too many of us

have become so angry,

so self-righteous

we don’t care if our country

is torn apart,

rather than reach across

the great divide

and compromise.

Soon we will be like Russia

oligarchs, functionaries, serfs,

since our refusal to agree

cast so many into poverty

and the Chinese leadership laughs

as our empire dissolves

and they inherit the earth.



Where Are the Caretakers?

In tribal times

the way of life

was always imperfect

but there was always someone

who helped the people.

Nation states

became bigger and bigger

the few became richer and richer,

but we no longer know

who is the guardian of the people.



Cold Spell

Winter chill grips the city.

People scurry from store to store

urgent to buy supplies

before the big snowstorm

blankets the streets,

marooning us

in interneted apartments

so we barely notice

enforced isolation,

already adapted

to pandemic distancing,

those of us with choices,

while the homeless

dissolve on frigid sidewalks,

unable to compel

sheltering warmth.



Loss of Power

In the land of broken dreams

conflicting forces conspire

to thoroughly divide us

into clashing groups,

irreconcilable politicians,

wearied citizens

who no longer know

who or what to believe.

Our leaders disagree

about almost everything

and tolerance has departed

for opposing views.

People are frightened, angry, confused.

No one solves our problems

that get worse and worse,

except for the rich

who expect to survive

the dissolution of empire.



Mount Witless

An American Monument


The first head sculpted
on this ignoble site
was former President Buchanen,
who did absolutely nothing
to avert the Civil War.


The second head sculpted
on this not yet landmark site
was former President Hoover,
who made the Great Depression worse
and ensured American pots
didn’t have chickens.


The third head sculpted
brought glamour to the site,
former President Kennedy,
assassinated in office,
revered by many who forgot
he almost incinerated the world.

The fourth head sculpted
brought self-aggrandizement to the site,
vociferous President Trump
who did more than anyone before
to divide the nation, while boasting
he was Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill.


Only time will tell
and history determine
if the nouveau arrivistes,
on splendiferous Mount Witless
will ever rival Mount Rushmore
in the hearts of Americans.


Unveilings is an unpublished poetry collection that requests a look at the human condition.