Author: Miscellany


Letting Go of My One True Love

Looking into your beautiful eyes, I fell in love with you.
Further into the relationship I knew what we had was true.
I thought of you as a gift from above.
To show my gratitude I tried to shower you with my love.
I guess maybe I tried too hard, or gave too much away.
Because now I am all alone, and you refuse to stay.
I used to think that we would never break apart.
Now I realize I was wrong as I cry over my broken heart.
You taught me many things that I will never forget.
I learned from you since the first day we met.
I grew up under your protective wing.
I knew that I would never have to fear anything.
I trusted you and gave you my heart.
But unknowingly you went and tore it apart.
I cried and cried but soon realized that it was not meant to be.
And there will be no more you and me.
Perhaps in the future we will meet one day.
And love might once again come our way.
It is so hard for me to get over you.
Everything seems twice as hard without you.
I don't know how I will make it on my own.
Because now I feel so scared and alone.
I want you to stay and just be my friend.
Be there to help my broken heart mend.
I am not ready to go out and date other guys.
Because he will never be you, no matter how hard he tries.
I will carry you in my heart till the day I die.
Maybe in the future we can give us another try.
I know that you love me and want to keep me safe from harm.
And you will always keep me safe in your arms.
But you need to go and live for you.
I will be here to help you in all you do.
Before you were my lover, you were my best friend.
And I will cherish that friendship till the very end.
I love you but I am setting you free.
To go, be everything you have always wanted to be.

J. Hernández