Author: Peaches Alexander


The Things That Women Carry...

The things that women carry
are all hidden inside.
The closet of no-end
holds the tears of our lives.
From the unborn children
to our most secret fears.
The threat of their exposure
seems to always be near.

Some of us wear acrimonious exteriors
while others transpose themselves
into passive inferiors.
Our portals have docile distinctions,
distractions diverting men from our debilities.

We watch each other thru envious eyes
wondering what secret "she" hides.
Best friends only know why
somedays we are so easily agitated.
Beau betrayals, lovers lost,
and other things we have hated.

So, when face to face
examine her natural grace.
Eve's child of constant adjustment.
Men must not be reluctant
to know that she is a woman
that has things to carry....


Copyright © 2000 Peaches Alexander