Author: Peaches Alexander


Sticky, Faggot, Nigger, Bum

I heard a voice
and guess what it said?
Sticky get away from my young man,
Why do people have to use mean words
2 get their point across, Absurd!!

Somebody told me just the other day,
that a Faggot had come their way,
U don't even know them well
And you're telling them to burn in hell...

I saw a cop on the run,
he shot a nigger just for havin fun,
why are they always the ones we blame,
If it's their color,
that's a damn shame!!
High class people always calling them bum,
Just because they have a lower income,
they have started from the ground before,
But now they are walking through the White
House door.....

Sticky, Faggot, Nigger, Bum...

Have you said it???


Copyright © 2000 Peaches Alexander & Toi Box