Author: Peaches Alexander


Boogers in my nose

I was in the car with my little

niece, she jiggled up and down in her

seat. She frowned as we passed by

cars on the road, I turned back to

her and asked why, and she

replied, "Boogers in my nose."


In the morning my husband is really

grumpy. He mopes around looking down

and frumpy. His voice is low and

aggitated... so he goes to the gym to

get his motivation. He walks in from

the gym with a smile and a rose, I

ask him what was wrong and he

replies, Boogers in my nose."


Grand daddy loves to watch the

baseball games. He sits and yells and

that is his claim to fame. I love to

sneak up behind him as he sits on his

bench. But before I can scare him, he

clutches my wrist. I hug him then

laugh as we sit near a pole then as I

reach up to kiss him, he stops me to

say, "Boogers in your nose."


Submitted on 12th February, 2010