Author: Gary Beck


Virtual Living

Virtual Living is an unpublished collection vitally concerned with the growing frequency of substituting electronic interaction for physical activity.


Future War

Cyber warriors

defend the nation

from sneak attack

seated comfortably

at computer screens,

never face an enemy,

never draw blood,

will never know

traditional battlefields,

yet are as vital

as combat troops,

though not regarded

as heroic soldiers.




urgent to compete,


to challenges

of the real world,

strive to win

artificial acclaim

on safe screens.


Natural Activity

Birds don't live vicariously,

busy all day gathering food,

never hang out

playing video games,

waste time twittering,

except bird talk,

sit up all night

in front of a screen

chatting on the internet

but go to sleep

as soon as it's dark

in the comforting nest

for needed rest.


Economic Change

We used to go to the bank

to deposit money,

greeted by tellers

courteous, pleasant,

who made it easier

to accept low interest

on hard-earned wages.

Now we bank online

and there's no consolation

for meager returns,

automated service.



The Information Age

allows us to march

to the beat of a different drum,

as long as we purchase

the same goods and services

as everyone else.