Author: Gary Beck


Blunt Force

Gary Beck/Blunt Force


Undesired Devices

Terror hovers in the air,

as people go about

normal routines,

some concerned

with enemy threats,

some indifferent,

others oblivious

until detonations

loudly demand

they share danger.


Clumsy Giant

Now that we've left Iraq

violent disorder

pervades the land

the inheritance of chaos

democratic gifts,

of death, destruction,

courtesy of the invaders

who removed Saddam

to free his people

from tyranny,

replacing oppression,

giant statues, palaces,

with looting, blood feuds,


the struggle for power

in the void of dictatorship,

religious intolerance,

bitter tribal conflicts,

as Americans wonder

why Iraqis are not grateful

for the freedom

we gave them

to kill each other.


Genetic Disorder

Desire makes us want

what we cannot have.

Ambition makes us crave

getting more than others.

Driven by ego, greed, lust,

we commit immoral acts

for wealth, power, influence,

to be more important

than fellow citizens

not equipped by nature

for ruthless competition.


Protest III


of financial markets

are not appreciated

by hired servants

of the lords of profit

indifferent to the suffering

of those who lost homes, jobs

since the closing of factories,

departure of industry

leaving millions to rust away,

of no redeeming value

to the caste of privilege

who won't allow interference

with platinum comforts.


Unnatural Existence

Millions course unyielding streets

fractured by pavements

accepting as natural

artificial construction,

population constriction

of dwellings, labor

that does not produce


for city residents,


that enrich the few,

demand toil from many

for meager reward,

the history of mankind

repeated endlessly,

now occurring

in the declining U.S.A.


Blunt Force is an unpublished collection that delves into many issues and concerns of our times.