Author: Gary Beck


Assault on Nature

Assault on Nature: Media, Cash or Charge, War on Nature, Bridge, Two Visions

Powerful light splits the night.
Cameras and crew lust the suffering
that is the entertainment of the people.
Trapped in violet despair,
the helpless victims can’t escape
the consuming dance of TV.

Cash or Charge
Bayonets are seldom put on broomsticks
by housewives struggling to reach the counters
of overloaded supermarkets, crammed with
frozen, pre-cooked, dehydrated abundance
newest and bestest guaranteed
to feed your family
while the rest of the world
goes hungry.

War on Nature
Intelligence appointed us
defenders of mother nature.
Greed invented new ways
to abuse our trusteeship.

Impassable gaps and rivers once stopped man,
until tired of being eaten, drowned, trapped,
found a log placed well enough for passage,
daringly crossed over and safely entered
the promised land of engineering.

Two Visions
Dawn in cities
is the quietest time,
before the daily sacrifices
of our citizens.
Money buys immunity
from responsibility
with comforting ingenuity.

Gary Beck

Poems from 'Assault on Nature' have appeared in: The Hiss Quarterly, Nuvein Magazine, Clark Street Review, HazMat Review, Kritya Poetry Journal, Thorny Locust, Death Metal Poetry, Strange Road, decomP, The Blue House, Miller's Pond, High Altitude Poetry, MadSwirl, Bolts of Silk, New Verse News, Poetic Curfews, Enigma, Farmhouse Journal, Words Words Words, Apt Magazine, Blue Fog Journal, Juice Magazine.
Sent on 17th July, 2008