Interesting Articles: Learn a language at the place where it is spoken

Thanks to globalization, we now have access to pretty much all languages. It is possible for us to study, say, Russian, live in Bogotį, Colombia, and still be able to practice. It is all about how enthusiastic you are about what you are learning. You can even try to ‘move’ your class to your daily life. For instance, instead of watching Transformers III on the weekend (which, by the way, has come into heavy criticism) why not rent a classic Russian film like The Mirror (Зеркалo)? Enjoying the artistic side of a country where the language is spoken is also a good way, for example, meet Mikhail Baryshnikov, Boris Akunin, Dmitry Furmanov, and so on.

However, learning languages at the place where they are natively spoken can be way more nourishing. When visitors think of taking English classes, Vancouver seems like a good destination. Located in British Columbia, Canada it is the third largest metropolitan area in the country and most populous in Western Canada with 2,116,581 residents at the 2006 Census. Canada is one of the safest places to live in, and Vancouver is among the most beautiful cities. Besides, it is a major film and television production center. Film Directors choose it as a place for movie making, being Vancouver the third largest movie center in North America – right after Los Angeles and New York City. Moreover, following Los Angeles, it is the second in television production in the world.

The Province and The Vancouver Sun are the most popular daily newspapers. However, international newspapers are also distributed in the city.

Apart from enjoying all the cultural activities Vancouver offers, you will grasp all the social nuances that are a part of English as well. Sometimes the way in which we are taught English is the most formal one, but when we use the language in daily life we learn other things that can tell the difference between a native speaker and someone who speaks the language well. Languages are not only words, and being in constant touch with the cultural implications will make it more natural to us.

Another great destination is Chicago. When people who can’t stand hot weather think of taking English classes, Chicago seems like a great option as well. Of course, there are many more cities. If you enjoy hot weather, you could travel to south California and try learning there. It is just a matter of taste. What I can say, is that learning a language in the country where it is spoken is something everyone should try.

By Language Trainers
Submitted on 8th August, 2011

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