Interesting Articles: A Stay at Home Mom's Guide: Writing a Resume when you don't have work experience

There are many stay at home moms who may start looking for work at some later point of time in their lives. In some cases, when the kids grow up a little, and are able to look after themselves, a mom may consider working outside the home. Also, in the current global economic downturn where job losses and pay cuts have become commonplace, many households need an extra working hand to contribute to the family income, and a stay at home mom may have to go and look for employment.

The starting point for looking for a new job is to have an effective resume ready at hand. Writing a Resume is your first step, without it the next stages in the path of your career may not happen. There may be hundreds of applicants for any good job, and hardly a few vacant positions available. Therefore, the employers rely only on the resume in order to short-list a few relevant candidates for further selection process.

This makes a resume a most important document that becomes your entry point for any job selection procedure or job interview. Thereafter you are on your own, but an effective resume can certainly take you to the job interview stage. To build a good resume is an art, particularly if your credentials do not include previous work experience.

In such a situation, your resume must highlight your strengths and build upon those strengths. This will ensure that your weak point of “no work experience” gets relegated into the background. You need a fresh and innovative approach to your resume in such a case, where you may mention that your real-life experiences and the knowledge acquired, as an active stay-at-home mom, will come in handy for the job that you are applying for.

You may also mention in your cover letter or your resume that a lack of past work experience may also mean that you will approach your work with a flexible mind and a new perspective, and minus the cynicism, fixed ideas and pre-conceived notions that a person with past job experience may have.

Beyond this, let your resume speak about your qualifications, strengths and attributes that can add value to the specific job that you are applying for. As an important rule, the resume must always be customized according to the job and the position that you are applying for. One general resume does not fit all the job positions, and some amount of tailoring of the resume is important with each application.

The presentation and the professional language of a resume also count because they create an impression in the employer’s mind about the kind of person you are. Therefore, a carefully built resume can become a crucial support for you to obtain a job, particularly when you lack any past work experience.

Submitted by  Atya Shakir  on 7th July, 2009.

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